This agreement is limited to and governed by the following:


For the purposes of this agreement the following terms apply:

  1. DISTRIBUTOR: Epic Life Distribution Pty Ltd trading as Epic Water Filters
  2. RETAILER: The undersigned Company, Sole Trader or ABN holder
  3. PRODUCT(S): All products supplied by EPIC Water Filters
  4. RRP: Recommended Retail Price
  5. MAP: Minimum Advertised Price. Please refer to MAP Policy


DISTRIBUTER agrees to sell PRODUCTS to RETAILER for the wholesale price plus GST. Prices are subject to change at the discretion of the DISTRIBUTER. The RETAILER agrees to pay for shipping of goods.

Orders of a single case, receive a wholesale discount of 30% off of RRP. Orders of two(2) or more cases will receive an additional wholesale discount of 5% (net 35%) off of RRP.


Cases are defined as follows:

  • JUGS - 8 units. Mixing of colours and jug types is permitted.
  • BOTTLES - 12 units. Mixing of colours and bottle types is permitted.
  • REPLACEMENT FILTERS – 6 units. Mixing of filter types is permitted.
  • STARTER KITS – A fixed kit of a mix of jugs and bottles, as detailed on the order form.


Once wholesale accounts are accepted by the DISTRIBUTER, the RETAILER will receive an online wholesale order form to place orders through.

Orders are required to be in case quantities.

Payment by bank transfers preferred. Alternatively, PayPal, MasterCard and Visa payments are accepted with a small transaction fee added. All orders are to be paid in full prior to shipment


The RETAILER must at all times request permission from the DISTRIBUTOR to sell PRODUCT online. Failure to do so will result in termination of this agreement. This agreement in itself is not permission to sell online. The DISTRIBUTOR has the right to deny permission for the RETAILER to sell online without cause.


All advertising, sales, and marketing material must be approved and authorised by the DISTRIBUTOR. Failure to comply with these policies and procedures could result in the termination of this agreement.


The RETAILER agrees to follow MAP policy, as detailed on the website.


The length of this agreement shall be in effect indefinitely (unless notified in writing by the DISTRIBUTOR) from the time this agreement is received and accepted by the DISTRIBUTOR. The DISTRIBUTOR has the right to discontinue wholesale sales to the RETAILER at any time for and any reason. The RETAILER is required to follow all terms of this agreement while selling all PRODUCT.