Inland Ocean Coalition

Epic Water Filters is a proud contributor and strategic partner of the Inland Ocean Coalition (IOC) who works to raise awareness of the impact that mircroplastics (single-use bottles and straws) are having on our rivers and oceans.

The Inland Ocean Coalition is building a powerful movement for land-to-sea stewardship.

Through productive engagement with communities around water and the ocean throughout 19 chapters within North America alone, IOC provide opportunities for inland states to have a voice in ocean protection, since what we do inland has a direct impact on the sea.

Through programs, educational experiences, and community partnerships, IOC:

• Ignites community engagement around ocean and water issues

• Supports and enhances key legislative efforts at local, state, and national levels

• Creates cultural shifts that encourage environmentally friendly attitudes and action

Advocates are working with the IOC to start their own Inland Ocean chapters around the country and in Canada. In Illinois, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Michigan, New York, and Manitoba, Canada, along with college campuses, people are engaging inland communities and strengthening the Coalition to encourage activism around singe us plastics and ocean and watershed conservation. For learn more about IOC, please visit their website.

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When speaking of single-use plastic pollution, the numerical data is so staggering that the facts are difficult for most of us to grasp. Below is more compelling content that helps us wrap our head around the uphill battle which we're all up against.

The Problem

The Solution


Queen Elizabeth bans plastic straws and bottles at Buckingham Palace

(Article, Fast Company, Feb 2018)

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