Dibromoacetic acid drinking water
Dibromoacetic acid (a member of the Haloacetic acids) is formed as a by product during the disinfection of drinking water by chlorine when there is bromide and organic matter present in the water. Dibromoacetic acid has been tested for carcinogenicity on animals. In one study was conducted on mice and one study was conducted on rats.in mice and one study in rats. In mice, dibromoacetic acid increased both liver tumors and liver cancer. In rats, dibromoacetic acid increased the incidence of mesothelioma in males and leukaemia in females.
The levels of Haloacetic Acids found in drinking water are well below levels that are considered harmful by government standards. Some people who drink water containing Haloacetic Acids at higher than normal levels over many years may have a higher risk of getting cancer. Skin contact can cause redness, pain and severe burns. Eye contact can cause blurred vision, redness, pain and severe burns. Long-term exposure to HAAs causes liver and kidney problems. Persons with lung disease may experience more harmful effects.
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Dibromoacetic acid Removal:
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