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Clean, clear water

I’m very pleased with my Epic filter bottle. The filtered water removes all unpleasant tastes, and it’s particularly great to drink non chlorine tasting water. The bottle is easy to wash and I like the one handed operation of opening the lid and raising the sipper. Love the glass bottle, it's so easy to wash with the wide opening. The silicone covering makes it feel safe in my hands. A valuable purchase allowing you to use water from taps in any town.

Still loving it

Epic Water Filter has changed our lives. It's just so convenient. Wherever we go, all we need to do is just bring our bottle and fill it up with water and it tastes amazing!

Epic Nalgene OG

I ordered this bottle for general health as my local water supply has the general bunch of nasties forced upon tap users. Thank you government for looking after me :(. I'm most happy with the bottle and its filter system, and having been using for two months now. Nalgene products are very good, I'm most grateful to them. And Epicwater for excellent customer service and web site presentation. Thank you.



Great filter

I was looking for a water purification pitcher and came across this one made for well water. Works great and customer service is very helpful with any questions or concerns.

Epic Pure Replacement Filter

Great tasting water .

I finally found an easy to use water filter pitcher .
The water tastes great & it’s nice knowing it even removes bacteria .

User-friendly and water tastes good

Not much more to add. This pitcher is very easy to refill and keep clean, fits nicely on a counter and in the fridge. I have one in my bathroom, kitchen, and fridge. You might say I like it.

Excellent bottle for college student

Perfect solution for kid living in dorm to have filtered drinking water. Works beautifully. Highly recommend!

Nano Epic Water Pitcher

Give up your bottles of purchased water at the grocery stores people. This Nano Water System is the best. We have horrible water down here in Alabama, but with this system, you cannot believe the difference. The water is clear, crisp, and great tasting. I keep the pitcher on the kitchen counter top and keep filling a glass water pitcher in the refrigerator. My husband can taste a big difference with his coffee. Not only are you treating you and your family to a healthier water, you are helping the environment by not buying plastic water bottles. Enjoy safe water at last!!!!!

Love it!

Absolutely fabulous! Water tastes amazing and I've been drinking so much more! Will be purchasing more for the whole family.

Looks nice

The bottle itself is very nice. I like the grip on the bottle. I’m scared it’ll break though. So far so good.

It’s an Epic pitcher!

I have been using the Epic pitcher for 2 weeks. The taste is lovely and I trust all the contaminants, etc. are out of the water. I sent 2 children Epic pitchers as gifts. Time will tell, but I am so pleased not to be drinking my county water.

Great Customer Service

I had a great experience with customer service with epic and they resolved my issue promptly. I felt appreciated and it really felt nice to know good customer service is something they can be proud of.


This water filter is amazing! It fits right on my thermoflask & even though you have to suck a little harder than normal to get the water out, you don't have to suck near as hard as other water filters. The water tastes so clean because it has no taste at all!

Excellent Filter!

Zero chlorine taste, and especially useful when flying. I just fill it up in the airport and have great tasting water the whole flight. Highly recommend, I know I’m buying more!


I had previously given a 5 star rating review when I purchased the nano filter around 5 months ago. If they had a 10 star rating I would given it that also. I love the filter, best on the market hands down! I am writing this review about the customer service department. I will also give them a 5 star rating. I had minor problem with one of the filters in which they were so attentive to the matter and it was taken care immediately. They had sent new filter out within minutes of the conversation. The customer service department is superb!
Amazing water pitcher, great company ! Thank you !

Easy to Use, Good for the Earth

This filter is so easy to use that even my kids can handle it. I love that it has drastically reduced our plastic bottle waste since we have had it. Would highly recommend to other families. No smell, no taste of tap water with this filter.

Water filter//pitcher

I have a private well and use a filtration system and osmosis softener. I chose the Epic based on reviews by the NSF. I’ve used this for a few weeks and so far, so good.

Love the “no taste!”

While we use well water, there are still deposits that have a specific taste. With Epic, there literally is no taste or after taste when we drink our filtered water. I recently drank unfiltered city water at my granddaughter’s house. The chlorine was so strong you could even smell it before tasting it - ugh. I love my Epic water pitcher!

Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher | Removes Fluoride

Hard to get water out of straw

Like other reviews said, it does take a good hard suck to get any water out. To quench your thirst would probably cause a headache. I also put some lime juice in my water to test the filter power - I was still able to taste lime. Dipping this bottle into a lake would have to be an emergency to get me to drink what would come out of the filter.

Thanks for the review. This is a really tight filter (has to be to remove viruses) but if you let the filter soak for 15 to 30 minutes, it should loosen up a lot and make it pretty easy to drink from it. Thanks again!
Absolutely amazing

Absolutely amazing product and I can praise the customer service high enough seriously awesome. Thank you .

This is our #1 water filter!

We have been installing these filters in ALL our Elementary school classrooms and outside drinking fountains due to the limits of the PFOS and PFOA being higher than usual. The installation has been somewhat easy, due to the different types of bubblers - some with stream regulators and some with not. The water has a clean taste and staff and students say nothing but positive remarks.
Thank you Epic Water Filters for making such a great product.

The Pitcher Which I Needed

I bought this pitcher after I saw an official health report regarding our water purity.
As you could guess, our water is highly contaminated and is not for drinking as there a lot of stuff which could cause cancer or infection.
Indeed, I'm more than satisfied with the pitcher as it provides clear and tasteless water. There is no doubt that with this purchase I started one long-lasting connection which will keep me healthy and safe my money ( no need to buy water again).
Moreover, I bought EpicWather bottles for our travels, and I hope that these will help us to maintain our health.