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Functional water filter

Water tastes absolutely incredible with the nano filter and the jug. Water is filtered clear and in perfect speed. I shall continue to remain a loyal customer.

Great water bottle!

So far I have loved this glass water bottle, cleans easily, great taste and my kids love the mini! highly recommend!

Epic Nano

Awesome product. Easy to use, works efficiently, water tastes great and drinking more than ever !

Epic water bottle

Love it. Fill it up anywhere with confidence. Crystal clear water,

Great product

Great company to deal with, very happy with purchase! I'm a health coach and was looking for a product that got rid of fluoride and pharmaceutical drugs, in addition to the usual chlorine, etc. Thanks so much!

Awesome filter.

Love this filter. The water tastes so clean and pure. Will keep repurchasing and stay with this company :) highly recommend it to anyone!

Buying for the whole family!

I purchased this for my husband but have started using it for myself. I plan to purchase one for myself and kids. We go through so many bottles/cases of water a week it is beyond wasteful. Plus nothing drives me more crazy then someone opening a bottle of water and not finishing it. So this is the perfect solution in every way! Everyone is assigned their own bottle and no more waste. If you're looking to cut down on the cost of buying water and wasting bottles then this is a MUST!

very useful!

this filter has played a key role in me being able to drink water like it is recommended. the water tastes great and it makes me feel better about drinking it!

Urban Bottle Filter/Replacement

I bought this to go with my 32oz Hydroflask bottle and it fits in there. Just that you cannot fully fill it up with water to the "end" of bottle due to the size of Epic filter gadget. I love having/using it because I would no longer need to worry about how clean water is whenever I go out and need to fill it up with water (I use/carry my Hydroflask bottle with me for any outing all the time). Great for camping, hiking, etc. where clean water is always not easy to find!

Been about 4-5 months of using this now... Will come back and update this review again after using it for a year. (:

Tastiest way to drink from a Nalgene

I've been a die-hard Nalgene customer since my boy scout days, and finding a filter with the perfect straw attachment has been a life changer. The water truly has no taste, and the straw works perfectly!

Epic filters

I have used Epic water filters for a few years now. I’ve been very happy with them. Recently I had a filter that plugged mid way through the normal 3-4 month cycle and the company quickly sent a new filter, which has been working fine.

Good quality

Makes Madison water better!

Honestly great

Super satisfied with the filter! Doesn’t hit the bottom, so there’s always a bit of water left unconsumed but not a huge deal. Water tastes so much better and now I’m not worried about consuming weird things in my water. The price point is super reasonable too.

40 oz. Hydroflask urban

So excited to receive this. Really didn't need the two lids, but can share with husband. My only request is to make the straws about 2 inches longer. The filter doesn't go all the way to the bottom which leaves a good portion of water in the container.

Shits lit

Water is no longer turning my frogs gay. 10/10

Safe healthy water for my family

Recent articles about how contaminated some of our city’s wells are with PFA’s made me realize that we have to proactively take charge of the water we and our children (and our sweet new puppy too) drink and what we cook with. I’m very happy with our Epic pitchers and water filters. Thanks!!!

Very impressed!

I have the 32oz and my husband was very impressed with the EPIC water filter. So much so, he had to have his own. I ordered him the big 48oz to use at the shipyard (because frankly, their water is nasty). He absolutely loves it and it has made him want to drink more water. Bonus is that he doesn’t have to refill often because it’s a good size. Did I mention my husband handles water filtration? If he is impressed with it, then it is definitely an amazing filter and worth the purchase.

Epic Nano Water Filter Pitcher | Removes Bacteria

Got new replacement right on time

I usually don't want to do auto-ship on items, as I might not want to continue them, for various reasons.But I really,really like this pitcher filter, and it arrives exactly on time, I switch the old one for the new one, and I can tell right away that it the water is better, once again!

We take ours everywhere!

Wouldn’t be without this filter and water jug! Bring it on airplanes, to hotels, and the travel bottles as well. Love it and love the peace of mind it brings as well- especially the fluoride removal.

Tasty water!

Never buy water again! Just filter wherever you go! It works great and tastes great!

Replacement filters arrived just as expected. Great experience!

Amazing-incredible-life-saving water bottle!

I had a horrible habit of never drinking water. Literally days of going without water out of pure laziness to find clean water to drink. I bought water bottles but got so lazy about figuring how to fill it with filtered water. My little 48 oz Nalgene with the Epic filter makes it so easy to fill up anywhere. I've had workers look at me disgusted as I fill up with our tap water sinks and it's always fun showing them the cool filter. I am super glad I opted for the biggest size since it's taller and more narrow than the 32 oz so I find it easier to fit places. The filter should be changed out every 4 months and honestly I didn't think it was worth replacing but you can taste the difference of clear, clean water and then just plain ol' tapped water. I signed up for the auto renew to send filters and it's pretty great. The biggest thing that almost stopped me from buying this was someone left a comment saying they hated the sucking motion and were developing wrinkles around their mouth from sucking so much... yeah no. It works super well and I am incredibly happy with the price and first purchases coupons/offers they had so I could order everything! Thanks guys!

Best Water Filter

I love this filter. It does a great job. In fact I have them on autoship delivery.

Super happy with my new water bottle!

I love my new OG water bottle. There is nothing negative I could say about it! I no longer have to worry about drinking tap water or buying bottled water. The filter on this baby makes all water taste amazing, clean, and favorite type of water. Honestly, I'm sure it would make Deer Park water taste good! I even bought a few for my family members and they love it too! Great customer service and fast shipping! 10/10