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Love my water jug

Water never tasted better thank you!!

Clean water

I used epic water in USA and now it is available in Sydney

Great product

I have already bought 2 for my daughters and was impressed by the taste of the water so bought one for me. If the filters do everythin they are said to do then that's even better, and I sure hope they are as good as purported to be, but I do know the water tastes a whole heap better than tap.

Great product

The product works great and the delivery time was very quick.

Fantastic Filter

I am beyond impressed with my jug, the filtration system and service from Epic! I thoroughly recommend their products!

Perfect for land or sea

This water filter is perfect of the office or the boat and can save 1000's of plastic bottles ending up in the ocean

Great taste water

Bought a second time refill and after changed, taste also improved. best filter and fast delivery

Taste and Health

Love this! The family are drinking more water now it tastes so pure. We even fill the kettle and the coffee machine with the filtered water and our tea and coffee taste sensational. Such a difference. Highly recommend for taste and health.


Great product ... enjoying drinking water now !

End of the search

Have you ever tried to buy anything that is not made in China? I used Brita water filters for years until recently, believing that they were made in Germany. I discovered - after I had made a bulk purchase - that the filters are now made in China. Given the current belligerent actions of the Chinese Communist Party, their record of human rights violations, and their debt diplomacy, I feel that purchasing anything made in that country is giving tacit approval to the totalitarian regime.
Brand names are no longer a guarantee of origin and so I was delighted to find that Epic water jugs and filters are made in the USA. I bought one and have been amazed at the superb quality of the water, once filtered.
Bravo Epic! Please don't succumb to the temptation of cheaper production in the PRC; some people do care where and how their goods are manufactured.

Clean and fresh tasting water

I live in Chicago where we are blessed to have really great tasting drinking water from the lake, but it taste even better after going through the epic filter. I don't know how I lived without it.

Simple and Sleek

I was so excited to get my pitcher in the mail! Love the ease of use, the look and the clean water I get from it :)

Fantastic for traveling/camping!

We bought the Epic water filter to be able to use while taking a week long family vacation. We have a whole house filtration system with an RO system in our kitchen, so we are pretty particular when it comes to our drinking & cooking water. It was perfect and was exactly what we were looking for at an affordable price. We ordered it a week before we left and we were very happy when it arrived just before our trip. The pitcher was easy to travel with and saved us a great deal of money rather than purchasing bottled water. Always feels great to do our part to help keep our incredible mother earth in balance as well 😊🌎❤.
Thanks for creating such a great product! Very happy to support a local small business!
High fives from Castle Rock, CO!

Very happy

Very pleased with the Epicwater filter system. The tank water is clear and does not have that muddy taste that the other system did.

Very happy!

I love drinking water and try and drink as much as I can throughout the day but I was finding it annoying how different that it tasted everywhere I filled my bottle up. Well I don’t have that problem anymore. Thanks to my new Epic filter bottle I get refreshing, pleasant tasting water everywhere I go!!!

I love this bottle

This bottle gives me all kinds of outdoorsy vibes. I just love it. Also, I haven’t experienced any leaks or difficulties in getting the water through the filter and up the straw. I fill up three times a day just for everyday use from my tap, and my water tastes great. I even bought one for my son, because he was trying to steal mine. Happy and safely hydrated family.

Kit and added extra filter

So far so good..water taste great and works like they said ..very happy customer 😊

Won’t live without one

We have well water and after I began trying to drink more water, I noticed it was making me sick! So, I started searching for an affordable filter that would remove EVERYTHING and I found Epic Filter. The price is perfect, I love that I can subscribe to have my filters delivered every couple of months and I don’t have to waste money (not to mention all the plastic waste) of bottled water. Customer for life!

Great portable filter! Best investment ever

Since purchasing this filter, it has made filling up my water bottle a must! No more unknown tap water chemical taste. Highly recommend to anyone that purely drinks filtered water but has limited access to it. Coming from somebody who drinks anywhere from 3-6 litres a day, it’s refreshing knowing that my water is in its purest form. Do yourself a favour and make the investment!!

Water filter

Makes me so happy every time I drink my water with this filter. Very happy. Thanks

Excellent filter products! I am a licensed water treatment plant operator, I know!

I have searched the web for years and looked at hundreds of water filter products and I believe these are some of the best water filters on the marketplace for the money! Feel free to email me if you have any questions. My name is Paul and my email is: PMRspectrum@gmail.com

Better than Brita

I love this bottle particularly the flip top straw. I hike a ton and having the cap on a filter bottle (like the Brita) is not convenient. The Epic bottle is perfect - I ordered another!


We have been please with the Nano pitcher and the staff for all their help

These filters truly are EPIC!

Been buying and using these filters for over a year. Our water was never been this good with the standard (yet high quality) filters we were using before. Pricy? Yes. Worth it however, in my opinion. LC