Vostok | Double Walled Insulated Stainless Steel | 1 L


Vostok | Double Walled Insulated Stainless Steel | 1 L


THE VOSTOK: Double Wall Vacuum Insulation Stainless Steel Filtered Water Bottle | Black or Grey | 1L | Lifetime Warranty On Bottle | Includes (1) Everyday Bottle Filter | Removes 99.99% of Tap Water Contaminants | Removes 70+ Tap Water Contaminants Including Heavy Metals, Trace Pharmaceuticals, Endocrine Disruptors, Pesticides, Herbicides, Perfluorinated Compounds, Volatile Organic Compounds, Total Trihalomethanes | Filter Life: 3-4 Months

The Epic Vostok 34 oz is big enough to quench your thirst for a whole day on the river or trails and with our interchangeable filter system you can fill up your Vostok anywhere from the tap in your office or the stream next to your campsite (Outdoor Adventure Filter sold separately). The Vostok double walled insulated bottle is made with professional-grade stainless steel and comes with a wider opening for faster refills. The Vostok's durable powder coat is more than ready for your next adventure. 

Why Vostok? We named our bottle after Lake Vosotk, which is the largest of Antarctica's almost 400 known sub-glacial lakes. Lake Vostok is also the location of the coldest naturally occurring temperature ever observed on Earth (−89 °C | −128 °F). The lake is located 13,100 ft below the surface ice of Antartica, making Lake Vostok some of the oldest & purest frozen water on earth. Yep, we just dropped some knowledge on you. Now go show everyone how smart you are at the office water cooler. 

Dimensions: Approximately 29.5 cm from the bottom of the bottle to the top of lid & approximately 8.5 cm in diameter


Use Instructions: Your Vostok water bottle comes with our American made Everyday Filter. The Everyday filter is pre-flushed and requires no flushing. The Everyday filter is designed for everyday use and targets normal tap water contaminants and should only be used with treated tap water. We make an Outdoor Adventure filter (interchangeable with the Everyday & sold separately) for those times you want to get wild.

What Does This Filter Remove? See the Everyday Filter Test Results.

Why Choose the Epic Everyday Filter?

  • The Everyday filter was named Amazon's Choice Award winner

  • 100% Made in USA

  • Removes up to 99.99% of all tap water contaminants

  • It's 100% replaceable, 100% recyclable, 100% BPA-free

  • Produces up to 285 liters (75 gallons) of clean water

  • Industry-leading technology tested to highest international standards

  • Eliminates need to buy filtered or bottled water

  • Stops 550+ plastic bottles going into landfills and oceans

  • Average recommended filter replacement: 3-4 per year if used regularly

  • Everyday Filter Tests Results 

Double Wall Vacuum Insulation: The Vostok bottle comes double walled and vacuum sealed to make sure you experience zero condensation and the temperatures of your water last in an insulated chamber. Cold liquids stay cold for 24 hours making it the perfect sports or a commuting bottle. Our manufacturing process has been innovated to ensure your bottle never sweats or leaks.

Pro Grade Stainless Steel: The Vostok comes with 18/8 Pro-Grade Stainless Steel, which is fully resistant to oxidation and corrosion. This Pro Grade Stainless Steel ensures pure taste and no flavor transfer - and the durable construction stands up for whatever life brings.

Double Life Powder Coat: The anti-slip layer of powder coating ensures you hang on to your Vostok bottle during a work out, hike or yoga. Our advanced powder coating technique provides a smooth, but sturdy experience that provides a genuine feel not found anywhere else but with the Vostok Insulated Filtered Water Bottle. Epic Water Filters' technology is the standard in grip conscious and slip resistant bottle solutions.

Easy Sip Lid: The Easy Sip Lid is designed for one handed operation with an integrated carry loop that is perfect for your favorite carabiner. The Easy Sip Lid features a silicon mouthpiece that is completely removable for easy cleaning. 

BPA/BPS Free: BPA/BPS free so you don't have to worry about your bottle altering your genetic make-up.   

Max Drain Non-Slip Base: When you go to set your Vostok down, the last thing you want to see is the bottle tip over. With our rubberized base, your Vostok is ready for a soft landing that grips the second it touches a surface. And with key small hole placements around the bottom of the base, your bottle will drain away any excess moisture from a wet environment.  

Lifetime Warranty: If you are not 100% satisfied with your Vostok Filtered Water Bottle for any reason, you may return it for a 100% refund. Visit our warranty page for more information (Epic Warranty)


Care Instructions: The bottle, lid, and straw are dishwasher safe but we always recommend that you hand wash all components including the bottle, straw and lid with mild dish soap and warm water. The Everyday Filter is not dishwasher safe. Never use soap on the filter itself. For cleaning the outside of the filter, we recommend just using warm water and a brush.

Best way to care for you Vostok Insulated Water Bottle: Put the Vostok, lid, & straw, in a sink filled with warm water and a small amount of mild dish soap and let it soak. If you’d prefer, you can also put the warm water and soap in the bottle to soak for a few minutes. Shake it to distribute the soapy water, rinse really well and let it dry. As long as you use a small amount of a mild soap, there shouldn’t be any soapy taste left in the bottle. However, if you’d rather skip the soap you can use warm water and lemon or warm water and baking soda to clean the bottle. Let the Vostok, lid, & straw drip dry in a dish rack until use. Now go enjoy some Epic Water!

Things to never do with our “Everyday Filter”

Do Not place filter in the freezer
Do Not fill with hot water
Do Not use with saltwater
Do Not filter urine (Unless you are Bear Grylls)
Do Not filter anything but tap water (Use our Outdoor Adventure filter for unknown water)

Clean Water Club Details

How the Clean Water Club works

Your Epic Water Filter replacement will automatically be delivered on your schedule. No obligation, you can modify or cancel your membership to the Clean Water Club at anytime. You save 20% and get free shipping on all filter replacements (Domestic United States).

How often should you replace filters:

  • Bottle Filter:  Every 3 to 4 Months
  • Pitcher/Jug Filter:  Every 2 to 5 Months
  • Smart Shield:  Every 10 to 14 Months
  • Sediment Filter:  Every 10 to 14 Months

See product description for more information.


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